Carla's Story - Page 39

p.s. DECEMBER 18, 2012 In what will certainly be the final post to this blog, granddaughter Elli. I hope Elli can make it, and I I wanted to share one remarkable footnote. Carla hope she wears her grandma out with all of the is training right now to do a half-marathon in Dis- adventures of Disney World. The race will seem ney World in February of 2013. like a walk in the park! Wow. From brain surgery and a debilitating health Thanks Carla, for letting me share your courage condition, to running with her daughter in a 13- and spirit through this blog. mile race. You go, girl! It’s a testament to the stubbornness and resilience that continues to serve her well. Carla is excited about the race, but she is actually more excited to just share time with her daughter and husband in Orlando. They are hopeful they can figure out how to get her son and his family there with them, too. The race will be fun, but Carla knows better than most that each and every day she feels healthy is a gift. More than anything she wants these feeling-good days to be spent with loved ones. I imagine that there will be no greater joy for her than getting to float (maybe a dozen times) through It’s a Small World with her beautiful Carla training for a half marathon she will be running in F e b r u a r y a t Wa l t D i s n e y Wo r l d . - 37 -