Carla's Story - Page 37

Why great local care matters DECEMBER 4, 2012 So, there is one part of the story I haven’t yet shared. A few years back when Carla and I were visiting on one of my family trips, I mentioned the local hospital in my community was in need of a new Director of Retail Operations. Long-story short, Pat ended up accepting a position in Reno, Nevada. After spending their entire lives in Colorado; Carla and Pat left family behind and took a position with Renown Health—the hospital I have worked at for the past eight years. Pat is just now coming up on four years with Renown. As Director of Retail, he oversees a hotel, a restaurant, several product stores and a Starbucks. So this circuitous route is how my high school best buddy Carla came to be in the OR suites at Renown Regional Medical Center; where she is under the capable care of physicians and staff of the Renown Institute for Neurosciences. I’ve worked in healthcare for my entire career and we’ve always said it is about doing what’s right for the community. It’s about having great care available to our friends, family and yes, our own employees and our best buds from high school. When Pat joined us, our hospital didn’t even do DBS procedures. None of us could have foreseen then how a change in jobs and a move to a new city would turn out. Although Pat and Carla still call Colorado home, I know they are forever connected to Reno and to Eric and I joined Carla and Pat for dinner, about six weeks post surgery (the first round). She protested getting the photo claiming she was having a bad hair day. Funny girl. Note the smile – this is no PD mask. Renown for the changes brought about in their lives through this experience. Having great healthcare right here in Reno. It’s personal. - 35 -