Carla's Story - Page 35

remarkable NOVEMBER 29, 2012 It is remarkable. Carla and I got together for bending over a project and not shaking. There are dinner recently and we talked about the past few no more excuses for crooked seams. months. She spent three weeks caring for her very active granddaughter, Ellie. She said she was exhausted after the experience (but duh). What struck me was that we were chatting about her life, and the amazing, remarkable “just living” that had been going on. She was also bemoaning that she slipped and fell on her way down the Mt. Rose hike that she and Pat did the other day. Parkinson’s hadn’t come up. She was back to being the Carla I know and (sometimes) love. I had to take in the irony. She was back to giving Pat a hard time about She did the Mt. Rose hike the other day. A few years back that would have been nothing short of impossible. burning the chicken on the BBQ and giving me a hard time about something I wore, or something I said, or just something. She talked about a new craft project that she was working on. She is sitting at a sewing machine, Just having dinner and chatting. Remarkable. Carla hiking Mt. Rose in July 2012 - 33 -