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INFECTION IS ALWAYS A RISK Deep brain stimulation is considered a safe and effective procedure; however there are always risks with any kind of surgery. DBS Therapy requires brain surgery. Risks of brain surgery may include serious complications such as coma, bleeding inside the brain, seizures and infection. Some of these may be fatal. Once implanted, the system may become infected, parts may wear through your skin and the lead or lead/ extension connector may move. Medtronic DBS Therapy could stop suddenly because of mechanical or electrical problems. Any of these situations may require additional surgery or cause your symptoms to return. It’s important to keep in mind that this procedure cannot cure Parkinson’s disease, nor can it slow the course of the disease. What’s more, deep brain stimulation has no impact on other troubling symptoms, such as balance problems and declining mental function. Source: Medtronic After weeks of antibiotics that worked on the One, she had absolute confidence in her care team infection but did nothing for the return of the and she knew that they would be there for her unwelcome Parkinson’s symptoms, Carla’s infection the whole time. The second thing that helped her did indeed clear up. decide to do the surgery a second time was the possibility of getting to the relief she felt when they Her doctor had advised her that once this happened, they could, if she was up for it, consider doing the surgery a second time. “charged her up.” In those weeks when she was “fully charged” she It was such an agonizing time. The past fe