Carla's Story - Page 32

infection sets in NOVEMBER 17, 2012 Oh no. We are nearly two months out from the is anxious at what appears to be some type of surgery and the tiny wound in her head is oozing infection. a bit. It has been so long since the surgery and The care team immediately puts her on antibiotics, Carla has been “living again ” for a month since and the next day she is in surgery again to clean they juiced her up. out the wound and remove her hardware. But the ooze isn’t promising, and the surgeon Tu r n everything o f f NOVEMBER 20, 2012 When Pat first told me that Carla had a setback, was activated—reverse that into dread for having that there was an infection, he told me that his it removed) but they also needed to start some first thought was to look to the heavens and say, serious antibiotics to deal with the infection. “Really? Has Carla not already been through enough?” I think they both thought it was unfathomable that an infection would occur and so late into the process. Weeks and weeks after the second surgery. Just when they dared to hope that everything was going to be OK and life would indeed be different. For her to develop a problem now was just unfair (and that is being kind). AAARRRGGGGHHH. Not only did her doctors have to “turn everything off” (remember the great relief when this “system” - 30 -