Carla's Story - Page 30

A roll on the carpet They turn it on. It feels good. It feels really good. Try and walk. Carla notices immediately that her arms are swinging. That’s new, and she is encouraged. Someone removed the cement shoes. Walking feels, well, like walking! NOVEMBER 15, 2012 She can’t help herself. She asks if anyone is coming. The coast is clear so she lies down on the floor and rolls around. She can roll. It’s a miracle. She has struggled with that one simple move for years. She is giggling. Pat welcomes the inner joy that has been hibernating for years. It has been a while since he Not the bear dance, and has heard her giggle. Not the tin man. She is moving. Unbelievable. She is not in pain. It’s a miracle. Remarkable. Footnote: I told both Carla and Pat I’d pay good They tell her to take some time in the waiting room to adjust to the neurostimulator. They want to make sure she is doing well before money for a picture of the roll on the carpet. They assure me that one does not exist and Carla (hard-headed as she is) refuses to reenact the glorious moment. they send her home. - 28 -