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Carla’s Story Over the course of four months, Phyllis Freyer, progress with PD and then eventually find Vice President at Renown Health, blogged hope and relief from DBS. Carla herself has about the experiences of her childhood friend, often said she benefited most from support Carla Holland, a Parkinson’s disease patient. groups and hearing the stories of other people The blog explored Carla and her family’s living with PD. Her hope is that people learning feelings throughout the disease progression and to live with PD will be encouraged by her and intimately shared many of the difficulties and her family’s story. challenges of this disease. It closely followed Carla through her brave decision to receive deep brain stimulation, a multi-surgery event that helped Carla get her life back. The following pages contain the entire story as it appeared on, including additional video interviews and photographs from Carla’s life. If you would like to send It is our hope that by following Carla’s story, Carla your comments, please send an email to others affected by Parkinson’s disease will and we’ll make sure your gain insight and camaraderie from Carla and message reaches her. her family as they help share what it’s like to