Carla's Story - Page 27

Connect the dots NOVEMBER 6, 2012 So, the difficult first surgery was done and Carla commented on the idea of a second surgery Piece of cake…right? Unfortunately for Carla, this second surgery was within a week as almost an afterthought. every bit the challenge as the first. It left her with Now that the leads were safely in her brain, they two more head wounds and a chest incision just needed to implant the neurostimulator in her below the collarbone. chest and connect the dots. The leads from her neck had to be “snaked” down the back of her head, through the side of her neck and directly into the stimulator. If you were thinking that the staples in the head made a comfortable sleeping position almost impossible, you would be right. Not to mention that the sensation post recovery that Carla Geez. It sounds more like plumbing than described was someone desperately tugging on neuroscience. And separately, hasn’t this lady her scalp. been though enough? I asked how she didn’t get discouraged through According to Carla, this second surgery really these trying weeks and she just said that she threw her for a loop. She thought she could kept her eyes on the prize. She is determined, handle anything after the brain surgery. Plus she that’s for sure. got to sleep through this one. - 25 -