Carla's Story - Page 26

Radio static NOVEMBER 3, 2012 During the surgery, they actually “listen” to your mode and others where you can’t find the right brain waves as part of trying to place the wire channel? leads in the right spot. I have no idea about the science of listening to the brain activity, but based on Carla’s description it must be more of an art It is a mystery to me. The static checks and the surgery ends pretty much on schedule and as planned after about four than a science. hours. She recalls the brain activity sounding like It’s amazing, but true, to her doctor’s prediction; radio static. Carla went home the next day. I suppose we all have different frequencies of They drill into your skull, they poke around with static but how do they know what the right frequency is? What are they listening for anyway? Is there good static and bad static or is any static a some wires, they listen to your static and you go home the next day. good sign? Remarkable. Are there days when your radio is in static-free Really remarkable. In this photo, Dr. T im Louie, Neurologist, looks at the patient’s “static” along with the Neurodiagnostic Tech, Terri Blazer, to listen for the right placement of the lead. - 24 -