Carla's Story - Page 24

Yo u m u s t b e stronger than this disease OCTOBER 30, 2012 I have continued to ask myself what kind of person would voluntarily put herself through this kind of invasive and frightening procedure? Certainly and simply said, a brave one. Someone who has the courage to say I will do anything, literally anything, to fight Parkinson’s. I will claim the best quality of life I possibly can. I will do anything for the pleasure of picking up my grandkids. Or walking the neighborhood with my husband. From right to left, Pat and Carla hiking with their good friends Laurie and Tom in 2008 Carla mentioned that in the very beginning of this that she has taken to heart and hung onto for all journey, Dr. Seeberger had given her some advice of the years she has been fighting PD. Tu r n o n the juice OCTOBER 31, 2012