Carla's Story - Page 23

Hammer it home OCTOBER 27, 2012 The drilling in one’s skull, in this case, lived up to the dread we would imagine. It took me aback a bit when Carla used the words jackhammer to describe it. In addition to the physical assault, it was an assault on all of the senses and sensibilities too. It sounded like a jackhammer. At one point after what I am sure seemed like eternity, the drill gets stuck. How does the drill get stuck? Do you run into extra hard spots? Clearly the skull was made incredibly strong to make access to the brain next to impossible. So, who even thinks to break through that armor? What doctor had the audacity to try this the first time? I digress. The drill gets stuck. They can’t progress. In this photo, Dr. Fleming snakes the leads into the patient’s brain.Special thanks to Michael Patterson, one of Renown’s DBS patients, who allowed us to photograph his procedure. Carla has relayed that there were a few points along the way that she wanted to just get up and run. Surely the drilling had to be one of them. Footnote: there are two semi-circle shapes that were cut on the top of Carla’s head. I learned that They move from the jackhammer to a second type they are the “flaps” that are cut and pulled back of drill that, according to Carla, sounds more like before the drilling and then replaced and stitched what the dentist uses. It is higher pitched than for healing after they are done. Carla says she has the jackhammer. plastic caps in the drill holes “to keep her brains from leaking out.” “ M y p a re n t s w o u l d n o t h a v e b e e n s u r p r i s e d t h a t t h e n e u ro s u r g e o n h a d t o c h a n g e d r i l l s m i d s u r g e r y, ” C a r l a s a i d . “ I t a ff i r m s w h a t t h e y h a v e a l w a y s k n o w n a b o u t m y b e i n g h a rd - h e a H