Carla's Story - Page 22

It takes a village OCTOBER 25, 2012 It seems like a party in the OR. In addition to anesthesiologist, and Candace, her nurse. She half-dozen or so medical personnel, there are knows now that on that day they were both several other consultants in the room including wearing wings, as they were the angels who representatives from the manufacturer of the would never leave her side, and who would, in her Medtronic device. Wow. own words, keep her from freaking out. It takes a village. It is something to marvel at that chit-chatting like Right away, she knows that her saving grace that one might do in the grocery store line would be as day, in addition to the remarkable neurologists powerful as the numbing medication in keeping and surgeons, will be the two amazing women the reality of the procedure at bay. In addition to that seem to be tasked with keeping her their clinical role in the OR that day, their most calm throughout the procedure. Pam, her important duty was freak-out prevention. A snapshot of what the OR looks like during a DBS procedure. As you can see, it takes a team of care providers to make sure everything goes smoothly. - 20 -