Carla's Story - Page 21

Needles and numbing OCTOBER 23, 2012 It is August 30th, a sunny Tuesday in Reno, to be intimidating to be having folks come at you Nevada. More than a half-dozen highly-trained with big needles from two different directions and professionals await Carla in the OR at Renown at the same time. YIKES. Regional Medical Center. She leaves the house with Pat at an ungodly hour and arrives to be put in what amounts to a pre-surgical suite. She is immediately facing what they have told her to be the most difficult and painful part of the procedure. They are actually using what sounds to Pat relays that the liquid injected made what amounts to two golf-ball-sized protrusions on her forehead. The liquid numbing (not a technical medical term) eventually spreads out to do its magic. Thankfully the golf ball things are fleeting. be about a 7” needle and injecting the numbing Carla endures the same “joint-approach-to- medication directly into her skull. (Pat enhanced numbing” on the back side of her head. the detail here as they wisely had kept Carla from seeing the actual needles they were using.) The reason for all of this is to spare her the serious pain of having the halo screwed onto her head. The nurse and the doctor injected the meds at the The halo provides for the precision the doctors front of skull at same time so Carla didn’t have need to have to do their very, very precise work. to suffer the pain twice on the front. Still…it has TIME TO SAY GOODBYE: Up to this point, Carla was still in the pre-operative area. It’s time to wheel her into the OR. Somewhere along the way she has an IV put in. It’s time to say goodbye to Pat as they will be separated, at least physically, for the next few hours. - 19 -