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can we cure P a r k i n s o n ’s d i s e a s e ? OCTOBER 18, 2012 A number of treatments have been shown to improve symptoms of PD, well being, and quality of life. But, at present, none have been found to cure or slow down the progression of the illness. Drugs are prescribed to make movement easier and they’re aimed to replace or mimic the missing chemical dopamine in the brain. Each treatment is individually tailored for each person and should not be compared to other people with Parkinson’s disease. Research continues throughout the world, however, in search for the cause, new treatments and a way to slow down, cure or prevent the illness. WHO IS A CANDITATE FOR DEEP BRAIN STIMULATION? The ideal candidate is: Someone who can’t tolerate the side effects of medication. Those who don’t suffer from significant active cognitive or psychiatric problems but who do suffer from tremors or motor skills control. Source: WebMD Carla and Ellie on Halloween - 17 -