Carla's Story - Page 17

Going radical OCTOBER 16, 2012 Carla and Pat They decided on a procedure called deep brain have a beautiful stimulation (DBS). 5-year-old granddaughter and a newborn grandson, so it’s even more urgent hard for the rest of us to understand why you would let anyone, even a trained neurosurgeon, drill holes into your head. and important Drilling holes into your head is a string of words to work toward that should never be strung together in the same the best-possible sentence. quality of life they Ellie, age 4 Without walking a mile in her shoes, it is probably can get. Oh, and did I mention she’ll be awake during the operation? The severity of the symptoms and the escalating issues the symptoms are creating for Carla, were top-of-mind when they decided on what seems to an outsider to be a radical intervention. - 15 -