Carla's Story - Page 13

Some folks have it worse OCTOBER 4, 2012 Carla shared a story recently about being at a park and having a momentary lapse. She was feeling sorry for herself. It was then that she saw a frail elderly man laboring to do his morning walk. Her immediate thought was that if he can do it, if he can keep going, then so can I. I have got to keep going. I can’t feel sorry for myself. A lot of folks have it worse than me. I’ll handle it, thank you OCTOBER 6, 2012 Carla is so intent on doing things herself that she has shared that she is not happy when her mom tries to help her by taking the shopping bags or offering to fold the towels, or whatever. She wants to do these small, and seemingly meaningless, chores herself. She doesn’t ask Pat for help unless she really needs it (something my husband hopes will rub off on me). She wants to hang on to her ability to do the everyday things we all take for granted. - 11 -