Carla's Story - Page 12

ALICIA’S THOUGHTS “I think being a nurse made it a little more difficult, knowing the prognosis, the typical course. It was disheartening to know my mom would struggle with something she had little control over. Of course, like most family members that struggle with disease, I thought it wasn’t fair for her to have this ‘old man’s disease.’ It hurts my heart now when I see how it has changed her physically. I try not to focus on things like seeing her struggle to pick up my niece or open jars.” Carla said she was very stiff the day this photo was taken. Never ask why OCTOBER 2, 2012 It was sometime later, maybe a year or two, when I first found out that Carla had Parkinson’s. We had, like many good friends who live in different cities, gotten into a routine of seeing each other only every few years when I returned to town to visit friends and family. Her disclosure immediately brought tears to my eyes and weighed heavy on my heart. It didn’t seem fair that such a young person would be afflicted with this challenge. Despite my own feelings, it’s interesting to note that I have never heard Pat or Carla ask why this has happened to them. They are facing this battle with Parkinson’s together, and with a lot of courage and wisdom. - 10 -