Carla's Story - Page 11

T i m e To Te l l the kids SEPTEMBER 29, 2012 It was soon thereafter that Pat and Carla told her She said on reflection she had noticed some parents, their kids, and of course, their friends that things in the early days. Carla had taken to she had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. keeping her hands in her pockets to mask the shaking. Another strategy her mom mentioned In talking to Carla’s mom recently, it was hard for was that she would grasp her hands together her to come to grips with the fact that Carla kept her tremors and other symptoms a secret from them for such a long time. She was saddened that her only daughter chose to keep her health issues quiet. primly in her lap so no one would notice any of the tremors. (That should have been a signal to all of us, she isn’t a fold-your-hands-in-your-lap kind of girl!) Neither Carla nor Pat recall too many of the details of telling the kids about the Parkinson’s. Stephen took it pretty hard. It didn’t help that he was in the service, and was heading out to Okinawa soon. Alicia was in nursing school so she may have been thinking a bit about the clinical aspects of the challenges her mom would face. Both were clearly, and obviously, worried for their mom. A l i c i a , C a r l a a n d S t e p h e n a t C a r l a ’s p a re n t s ’ 5 0 t h a n n i v e r s a r y p a r t y -9-