CARE TRADE 2021 Two page


MISSION : Identify & promote brands that advance a higher purpose than commercial success and are aligned with KeHE ’ s dedication to serving .
“ We love CAREtrade ® ! We have seen abject poverty , visited communities lacking basic infrastructure , experienced violent crime and felt the devastation of human trafficking . For us , CAREtrade ® joins the power of capitalism and community to fight these plagues . We half joke to our customers : “ If you want to serve humanity but don ’ t want to travel through jungles , evade war-lords and fight giant mosquitos ; then support CAREtrade ® brands ! These companies are doing the hard work and you can support them by simply purchasing their great products ; Items you use daily .” As for me and my store , we will support CAREtrade ® .”
– Robert Bradley , President & Co-Founder , Ramona Family Naturals

2020 CAREtrade ® Partner purpose

Self-Service CAREtrade ® POS Material available : www . kehe . com / integrity / caretrade
“ It has truly been such a delight to be a part of the CAREtrade program at KeHE . The marketing exposure and one on one attention the KeHE team provides that I have found truly impactful . Our sales have nearly doubled in 8 months and it ’ s no doubt due to the efforts of this program . It ’ s a badge of honor to say we ’ re a CAREtrade member and a helpful indicator to reps , retailers and other brands that our mission and our brand is worth looking at . We ’ re so grateful for KeHE for this program !”
For more information visit KeHECares . org / CARE-Trade /