CardioSource WorldNews October 2015

Innovators: Artificial Intelligence in the Medical World | Trial Review Finds Inconsistent Answers CardioSource WorldNews vol 4, no 10 / OCTOBER 2015 A publication of the American College of Cardiology EXPERT COMMENTARY fred bove: Cardiology in London…p.12 tanveer rab and michael mcdaniel: An Algorithm for Cardiac Arrest…p.56 Great Expectations CLINICAL NEWS A Bridge Too Far?…p.18 Smoking Costs in PAD: An Economic Drag…p.19 Is Long-Term Use of CV Drugs Safe?…p.21 Does Chronic Lung Disease Affect TAVR Outcomes?…p.22 Can a Flu Vaccine Protect the Heart?…p.22 Researchers Develop First Outcome Measures for EHRs…p.23 Genetic Testing for HCM: What Do We Learn?…p.26 Physical Activity as Vital Sign…p.27 From telomeres to TECOS, causes for celebration and despair