Carbon Action Project Launch Booklet | Page 2

Preface The Holy Cross Anglican and St Margaret’s Uniting churches of Hackett have come together to establish a Carbon Action Project which, among other things, aims to make the St Margaret’s/Holy Cross site in Hackett carbon neutral and will assist families within Holy Cross and St Mar- garet’s to become carbon neutral. This project will be run as a North Canberra Community pilot with ap- propriate documentation and evaluation, with the hope that the lessons we learn from this pilot will be of use to other communities. This newsletter marks the official commencement of this project. In this newsletter we explain the ethical and theological motivation for why we are doing this, and set out what we are aiming to do. We talk about the journey we have already been on with actions since 2011 to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We talk about personal actions we can take to reduce our carbon emissions, and discuss the role of carbon offsets in the journey of going carbon neutral. Many in our church communities have already acted to change their lifestyle to reduce their carbon emissions, and John and Lynda Dyer write of their experience in their new environmentally friendly house. Finally, we talk about our vision for a carbon neutral future. I want to thank all of the people who have made this newsletter possi- ble, with special thanks to the Editor Brian Rope, and to Barbara Burns and John Goss who have pulled together or authored most of the mate- rial. Other authors such as Keith Baker and John and Lynda Dyer are also gratefully acknowledged. Finally, a big thanks to members of the Carbon Neutral Steering Committee: Keith Baker, John Bell, Barbara Burns, Justin Coombs, John Goss, Toni Hassan, Peter Martin, Rachel Morgain, the Rev’d Dr Howard Smith, Richard Stoddart, Trish Stoddart and the Rev’d Dr Tim Watson. If you wish to be put on the mailing list for future information about this Project please email [email protected]. Shalom Rev Chris Lockley Convenor St Margaret’s/Holy Cross Carbon Action Steering Committee Carbon Action Project i 1 March 2020