Capitol Hill 101 1 | Page 9

CAPITOL HILL 101 THE KEY STAFF POSITIONS IN A CONGRESSIONAL OFFICE • Legislative Correspondent (LC): Answers constituent letters, faxes and emails. The LC will usually prepare for the Congressman a periodic summary of how many letters, faxes and emails are for and against each issue. Most offices do not reply to out of state/district mail and email, unless you are writing as a representative of an organization or company or if you are a donor or other supporter. Always ask for a reply if you wan one and expect that most replies will be from letters. “Personnel is policy.” You may find that many staff have different political views than their Congressman or Senator, thus a good conservative representative can be somewhat neutralized in his effectiveness on life issues by having staff who are not loyal to his philosophy. Lobbyists and advocates for big government also seek to befriend representatives and their top staff to convince them that “business-as-usual,” more spending, taxes, pork projects, special laws and exemptions, and campaign donations are the way to go. That makes YOUR job as a citizen lobbyist all the more important to overcome these layers of protection and often false information. Text MARCH to 73075