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to my community while meeting and working with a diverse team is a great feeling . I love that I get to make memories with my students and school team . It motivates me every day and reminds me that I love what I do .”
Ultimately , the entire community benefits from City Year . Not only are they improving our schools , but they have also become a large part of our region ’ s workforce and leadership . “ We recruit nationally , which equates to a significant workforce pipeline ,” Owen says . “ Roughly 50 % of student success coaches in Sacramento come from out of state and another 15-20 % come from outside the region , with 50 % of those new to Sacramento choosing to stay , continuing to be civically active , building careers , families , businesses and lives here .”
“ City Year is a testament of what our community can do together as a public-private partnership ,” Owen concludes . “ This was the vision of our school district partners , business community and city leaders to bring in a proven education equity nonprofit to support our underserved community . After 10 years , our data and our stakeholder feedback have shown that this was a successful and meaningful decision .”
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