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Year 2

Nonprofits continue to adapt in the second year of the pandemic
By Jennifer von Geldern
Nearly two years in , the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions have dealt many nonprofits a heavy blow . They ’ ve had to react quickly to cut costs and make significant programming changes to survive and continue their missions . Those that have survived show resourcefulness , innovation and adaptability as we approach 2022 .
Strategies for Survival “ Let ’ s first acknowledge that not all nonprofit organizations have survived the pandemic and lockdowns ,” says Kim Tucker , executive director of the Impact Foundry , a nonprofit resource center that provides capacity building for organizations and professional development for those who work at those organizations . “ The American Museum Association was concerned we ’ d lose one-third of all museums nationwide because of COVID and now they ’ re analyzing how true their fears have been . Among the survivors , many have had to downsize staff , reduce services , reduce hours , close resource centers and cancel events , in addition to having lost volunteers and donors .”
Tucker points out that nonprofits have experienced “ feast or famine ,” especially in the earliest days of the pandemic and government lockdowns . “ During times of crisis , people rally around organizations such as food banks as opposed to those not considered a priority during a crisis , such as arts organizations ,” she says . “ Nonprofits large and small from every sector ,
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