Canoe Focus Winter 2017 - Page 62

62 Forget your wet kit woes this winter! The bag comes in two options, Pro and Elite. The Elite is more suited to indoor drying thanks to the mesh front panel which also assists with drying time. 63 The Pro more for outdoor drying thanks to a full fabric front which shields your gear from UV rays, offering your gear 30% more protection than without a bag, but still with side mesh to help speed up the drying process. Both bags retail at £60 and come with a full hanging solution. Showerproof fabric Durable heat welded seams Full length waterproof zip for easy access Offers UV protection Pro Mesh side vents enhance airflow Lightweight to carry around Compact to keep in your car for when you need it Dimensions: 130cm x 63cm Elite front mesh vents Colours: Grey + Black / Black Size: One size, fits up to XL size wetsuits Hanger takes a drop weight of 25kg so easily carries spray desk and buoyancy aids if required. Getting wet is part of the fun of canoeing, right? Wrestling with your wet gear when you get home? Not so. On initial inspection, The Dry Bag looks like a suit bag that keeps your occasion outfit nice and safe ready for the next outing. However, on deeper inspection the extra features of the Dry Bag offer you way more, and are sure to help you manage wet paddling gear. In addition to protecting your kit, the bag offers a drying solution, so simple that you wonder why it hasn’t been done before - you just drain the water away from a water reservoir at the bottom of the bag. If you hang it up whilst you are packing your car the majority of the water will drip into the reservoir area which you can then empty before you travel, whilst you are travelling, any residual water drips away into the bag with helps with the drying process. You can literally start drying your gear on the drive home. Simply hang up the bag when you get home and in no time your kit will be dry ready for storage or the next adventure. The hanger that comes as part of your purchase allows your gear to hang whilst heavy with water thanks to being able to take a drop weight of 25kg. The wide hanger arm means you can drape your gear over the arm and also use the shoulders to dry your buoyancy aid. The Dry Bag and hanger is well made, sturdy and works a treat - once you have one in your life you’ll genuinely wonder how you coped before. A simple idea but effective. And as an added bonus when not in use hang your gear in a Dry Bag in a wardrobe without tainting your other clothes with l’odeur de neoprene! Canoe equipment is expensive so it makes sense to protect it and get as much life from it as you can. We’ve found something to help you look after it, get it dry after your session and keep it safe when it’s not in use - The Dry Bag.