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National Go Canoeing Week 2018 - Save The Date

The date you have all been waiting for is here - National Go Canoeing Week 2018 will run from 26th May to 3rd June . That may seem a long way off but we want you to get it in your diary and start planning now !
We are going to be setting an ambitious mileage target this year and we need your help to reach it . There will be hundreds of organised events , guided tours and starter sessions taking place throughout the week . However , if you would prefer to paddle your miles independently then this is the perfect opportunity for a challenge !
With a good few months still to go you have plenty of time to think up a challenge and train for it . If you need a little inspiration head to our Challenge Route Pages .
Clubs and Centres
If you are a club member then start the discussion about how your club could get involved . The week is the perfect time for a club trip and social . If you register any starter sessions or guided tours you are running during the week before January 1st , your club could win a National Go Canoeing Week banner .
To find out more about how your club or centre can get involved click here .
54 55 Before my amputation I considered myself as disabled and restricted by my condition. Earlier this year the International Paralympic Committee announced the inclusion of three new Va’a events to the Paracanoe Programme, bringing the total number of Paralympic medal events at Tokyo 2020 to nine. At the age of 16 Jack had his leg amputated above the knee due to a progressive leg condition, and believes that this is what opened many doors for him and allowed him to take on physical challenges. From wheelchair basketball and open water swimming, to being a qualified personal trainer, starring on Ninja Warrior UK and being crowned Mr England 2017 to name just a few of his accomplishments; Jack Eyres has lots of strings to his bow. Now he has his eyes set on paracanoe with the aim of competing in Va’a at Tokyo 2020. >> What is va’a? The va’a is an outrigger canoe which has an ama (second pontoon) as a support float and is used with a single- blade paddle. We sat down with him to find out more about how he balances his busy work schedule with his aim of becoming a Paralympic athlete… Click here to read about the three new paracone events added for Tokyo 2020 paralympic games Bri ѥ͠ ՝ЁݥѠ)ɕ̰)AɅЁ܁ݥȁ5ȁѼ)ЁɔЁݡЁɕѼЁѼѡи)M䁅хѥ)ͼaͅd)Յ䁽䁑)$ɽՑхٕ)չѡЁ́)݅ѼɽٔѡЁ䁱)ͻeЁ)݅