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Member Benefits

British Canoeing is here to help you get the most out of paddlesports and your membership package offers you some great benefits to help you succeed .
Our members are really important to us and we continually strive to improve all aspects of your membership to provide you with even better offers and services .

Membership benefits include :

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Membership card
Four issues of digital Canoe Focus
Access to competitions
Licence to paddle on 4,500km of waterways
Monthly enewsletters
Discounts from canoe retailers
Combined liability insurance up to £ 10million
Access to members only area
Campaigning and representation
Great rates on boat insurance
Information and resources
Voting rights ( over 18 membership only )
46 47 Clubs & Centres: Paddlesport Leader: Launched: April 2017 Aimed at: paddlers leading on sheltered water PEAK UK environments, running safe and enjoyable trips based on their group’s needs and aspirations. Craft: the Paddlesport Leader can lead any craft, from any craft. Prerequisites: One day First Aid and membership. Training: Not compulsory. Candidates can IS RIGHT FOR ME? PEAK UK Paddlesport Instructor: Launched: 2007. Rebranded in January 2018, (formally UKCC Level 1). Assessment: 1 day assessment Examples: In a recreational club, the Paddlesport Leader could be leading journeys, providing a safety framework for multiple craft or in a racing club, could provide a safety overview on a training session chaperoning other paddlers. Coach Award: Aimed at: Paddlers delivering introductory Launch: January 2018 Paddlesport events and taster sessions, providing fun and engaging experiences for all ages and any of the competitive and non-competitive paddlesport disciplines. The Paddlesport Instructor can plan, deliver and review short coaching sessions, normally with the support of a more qualified coach so is a great first step for those new to coaching. Aimed at: Paddlers who wish to coach Craft: Canoe and/or Kayak Prerequisites: Foundation, Safety & Rescue Training, 2 Star (or higher) in Canoe and Kayak or Paddlepower Discover and membership. those who want to gain/improve paddlesport skills within a chosen discipline. This will include coaching beginners new to the sport, or paddlers looking to develop their skills in the given discipline/environment so they can paddle safely without the need for a coach. Craft: 18 options available covering all of our main disciplines and environments Prerequisites: Membership is the only Training & Assessment: 4 days Examples: Centres running introductory sessions for 2 day Discipline Specific Training. Benefits of Direct Entry those who have never tried paddling or clubs running games to progress their paddlers Paddlesport skills. Assessment: 1 day assessment Note: An Instructor who holds both Paddlesport Leader and Paddlesport Instructor is well placed to fulfil their coac ѥ́ݥѠɔѽ丁ѡȁѡїéͭ́ȁՈ)͕六͕ͥ́Ʌє)ȁم݅ѕȁ٥ɽи)A,U,)ɕɕեͥє ɔ QɅ)QɅȁ ɔ QɅ)ᅵAՈѼٕ)Qٕٕ́́٥܁չхѡѥ́مѼՉ́ɕ)ɔѼ͕Ёمɥ䁽́́ѼեЁѡȁ̸)QݥՅѥ́ɔɕЁ)ձѡЁѕȁ䁅Ʌ)ȁȸ)ÁɥɕЁͭ́ɥ́ѼѡȁɅ)̸͕ɕЁ䁽ѥ́́́Ѽ͕)ѡЁɽєȁѡ٥ѡ)٥Յ͕ɹ丁Áݡɕ䁡ٔѡ)ͭ́ͅЁѼѡȁѥ)͕́ѡ䁅ɔɕ䁍ЁݥѠѡѕи)ѡ ݅ɐչ)Յ䁅ѡɽՍѥѡAЁ1)݅ɐɥܰ ɥѥ͠ ݽձѼɽ٥ѡݥեѼՉ)ɕ́Ѽɔѡ͕ЁѡɥЁՅѥ́݅ɑ́ѡЁɔɽɥє)ѡȁȸ)ɽ́ѡȁɕեɕ́Ё)Ʌչѥ̰ȁᅵ)͔ɅЁȁՈȁݽɭͥ)͡ݥѡȁ́Ёȁɔ