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Ieuan James named in BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year top 10 !

Ieuan James named in BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year top 10 !

Junior canoe sprint World Champion Ieuan James has been shortlisted by an expert panel for BBC ’ s Young Sports Personality of the Year 2017 .
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SPECIAL OFFER for all British Canoeing members… S t a n d M a g P a d d l e U p U K SUP Mag UK’s awesome Autumn issue is now alive, kicking and ready to order… REMOTE SUP Norwegian fjords expedition An inexplicable pull and tranquillity draw me and so many others, escaping the comforts of home life. For a couple of years now, SUP Norway has been making this possible and rids us of the majority of the preparation that consumes so much time when exploring far and unspoilt places. UNESCO heritage status doesn’t come easy but the Nærøyfjord and its surrounds must have earned theirs without struggle. Situated in the western county of Sogn og Fjordane and a branch of the Sognefjord, the scene is genuinely breathtaking. With SUP being the vehicle of choice, the perspective and freedom offered allows you to absorb the kilometre high cliffs and countless freshwater waterfalls at a pace of your choosing. Words: Robert Carroll Pics: Robert Carroll unless stated Remote, ruggedly beautiful and large beyond words. As the years pass I’m swaying more and more towards such environments verging on inhospitable, devoid of noise and human activity. Before praising SUP more I must confess – After the initial launch of SUP, I wasn’t its biggest fan. Poor efficiency , potential back pain, tiny storage and being too easily influenced by wind were all equally concerning. Despite all of us in the expedition being relatively experienced paddlers, Titus ran through paddle technique and positioning on the board in the interest of ironing out bad habits or approaches that could cause reduced speed and muscle fatigue throughout the five-day paddle. With a reluctant grin I can safely say that this hour refresh was to be the start of a new mind set and relationship with the once ‘awkward’ stand up paddle board. A relationship that strengthened each day on the fjords. The Nærøyfjord is well sheltered by high peaks either side and dense forest often stretching up to 750m high in places. Nevertheless it’s not immune to the elements, so with no boat support and limited landing options, safe practices are essential. SUP Norway’s main man – Titus Kidzoman, showed our group how crucial the abilities to forecast weather and adapt to changes quickly were on multiple occasions. He achieved this through good meteorology knowledge, from years of marine experience, built from a vast array of jobs and hobbies involving the sea. Luckily our conditions never became extreme but nerves were put at ease by his cautious approach, all the while sticking to original plans as closely as possible. s t a n d u p p a d d l e m a g u k 12 13 s t a n d u p p a d d l e m a g u k The UK’s only home grown SUP magazine available both in print and digital. Featuring the crème de la crème of UK stand up stories from home or abroad by UK paddlers, it’s a must have read for anyone into the art of propelling themselves forward on a board with a paddle. PADDLER P ADDLER al magazine for The Internation all 2017 dlers recreational pad Issue 38 Autumn/F ezine Exploration of ANDINAVIA SC Mal Grey The International magazine for recreational paddlers Grand Tour of ORNWALL C Liz Garnett Wilderness of AGAMI EM T har d Harpham A 132-page perfect bound printed Paddler magazine including 24 pages of Canoe focus issue for just £3.99 or six-mag subscription for £20.99 From March 1st 2018 See: membership/benefits/communications/ Ric Rannoch to ERTH P Part two World Surf K ps KA m Y pi A ons hi Cha Lochs of OTLAND SC Richard Harpham Paul Hyman IG BEN B Challenge Surfing to IG SUR ith B Roger Aguirre Sm Testing, testing… KIT REVIEWS ezine WW kayak to W SUP W Joe Thwaites Adidas E s CKLIN ghe SI Steffan Meyric Hu WW on the SARAP T Ian Jones Corran Addison ONGBOAT L Revolution Muskoka IVER X R Race Featuring inspired travel articles, probing personality profiles, fact-filled features, world-class coaching and insightful equipment tests designed to fill the gap between this and your next paddle to who knows where…explore now! “The Paddler magazine is fantastic media for paddlesport, that brings the top news and adventures from kayakers all around the world. The quality o ѥ́́ɕ͡ݍ͔܁饹ѡ)六̻t) ɔ?e!ɄLɕ屔]ɱ +q$ٔ啐ɕͱɕѡAȁ饹ٕѥЁ́и$ЁٔЁ)ɕѥѡѱ$ٔ$Ёݥ͕丁Q́ȁՍхѥ饹t) ɅͽL=а公ͥȁ]\)QA1H)QՉ͍ɥѼѡхݥѠɽͅ٥ٕ́ȁѡɥЁՔ)輽1i0)Q䁄ɥѕՔѽՅȁݥѠمɹ́͡əЁչ)ٕ͔́٥ͥ聡輽хլՉ͍ɥ)Qɥѕȁ䁍̃ ܸ䁥@@ȁͥՔȃ ܸ)@@ȁՉ͍ɥѥȁ饹̸)A͔хЁ(ā聅լլ)%ѡ͕ɍ)хȁɥٕ) Mѕٔ ɽ)UхɅ́хєѡɸ)%ݥѠݼٕ䁑ѥЁɕ)ɥ̸ٕ݅ѡݕ)ͥݥѠхѥɥٕ́Ս́ѡ)屔Q́́ݕѕɸɑȁ)͔ѡɔձȁ́)ɥхɥ̸-յ́ѡѕɸɕ)́ͽɕЁݡѕ݅ѕȁѡ)IɥM԰́ѡ)ݕݸɑȁɥٕȁѥѡ)-́Ё́ݸ%ȁ5)Ё́ݸ9),d,H<)PH$@@$8$8),T4<8)$9%)ɥٕ)%Ё́ЁЁѡɥٕ́ݡɔ)ɕЁɕЁͼ)ѡ݅ɕ́)ѡ٥́屔)ѡՅ)UєMх饸六ѡɽ՝)ѡЁɝѡI)Iٕȁѡ%!)QA1H)9=P I%Q%M 9=%955 H)MՔ и䁽ȁͥ൵Չ͍ɥѥ ܸ)MՉ͍ɥ܁)輽ѡɵՉ̵ɥеȼ)Չѡɕ饹)%ԁٔՕɥ́