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Information about changes to British Canoeing membership

From April 2018 British Canoeing membership categories will be changing !
MEMBERSHIP www . britishcanoeing . org . uk
British Canoeing has now completed its review of membership , having taken into account the extensive feedback received from members and clubs through the focus groups , summer roadshows and member surveys .
The key changes are ;
1 . The introduction of a free “ Digital Sign Up ” for fans , supporters and independent paddlers .
2 . The introduction of a Club Associate Membership category for members of clubs who are not members of British Canoeing
3 . The introduction of a new category of membership for national volunteers and officials who do not paddle
4 . Improving the services for full individual members
5 . Making some amendments to the Family membership categories
We will be working closely with members and clubs to make sure the changes are fully understood .
A list of FAQs will be developed , released and updated regularly to answer the most frequently asked question by members and clubs .
Click here to visit our web page which outlines the changes in more detail .
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10 Winter Club Challenge Looking for the perfect way to motivate your club members to get on the water this winter? £1 Fed up of wrestling with your wet gear? us 2 o in ‘c g c an o oe de ’ ff Then look no further! The annual Winter Club Challenge is back for the season and there are some great prizes up for grabs. The challenge encourages clubs to compete for the most miles paddled and most places paddled from. To make it fairer clubs are split into two categories; Flat water racing clubs* and recreational/touring clubs. There is a £100 prize for the most miles paddled in each of these categories. All miles and places paddled between December 1st and February 28t ٥ȁѕ)ɽȁ䁙ѡ݅Ёݔݥ͕)ЁԁɕѕȸQɔ́ͼѡѥѼ)ȁ́ݥѠȁፕɕ͡аݡ)չѡ)]ѕȁ Ո ݕ)Q́ͼѼЁͽݥѠͽ)ɥ䁍ѥѥMɔȁɽɕ́)ȁQݥѕȁͥ]ѕ Չ ݔ)͡ɔȁ́ѡ ɥѥ͠ ͽ)ɕЁ݅Ѽѡѥѥѡȁѽ̄)eԁͼɅ܁ԁɔɥ٥ѡٔ)ɉɐݡݥ啐ѡ)ݕѡɽ՝ЁѡɥQ)ٕ́ԁѡѼЁЁͽ)Ʉ́ԁ͕ͱ(Ё݅ѕȁI Չ̀Q͔ɔѡ͔Չ́ݡٔ)ѕɕɔѕѡȁѡ%ѕȁՈɥЁ)ȁѡ9ѥ5Ʌѡ ́ɕձ̸)1ٔѼ)ͱѡ)!܁Ёѡ)UXAɽѕѥ)ȁɔɵѥ)Ѽɕѕȁ)Ոȁɽ)ѡ)ɔeЁѥ)ѡȁՈѡ)ɥ锁)Ḿ)她Q()Ʌ(())ə()1ݕ)ȁݕЁ)ѡɥٔ)ѡ剅լ)AѕЁѡQ剅 丁ظ(()]ѕȁѽɅ(ѡ剅) ́]ѕ