CANNAINVESTOR Magazine U.S. Publicly Traded January 2019 | Page 201

Welcome back to another edition of our technical and charting analysis. As always, there has been plenty of exciting news and events in the Cannabis space recently. Assuming you are not living under a rock, one can only assume you have heard about the farm bill that was recently passed by the Senate and House mid-December 2018. This would be the source of all the chatter on hemp you may have been hearing more of recently. Of course, we will need to wait for the final signing from the president to make it official. It is still something we will want to keep an eye on as it can change the landscape of our investments fundamentally. And speaking of fundamentals, today we will present to you an investing story that we hope resonates with you. The story will be more so from a mental perspective and how you can think of investments or even trades that are not working as you had foreseen.