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We had the privilege to visit the new locale and interview CEO and partner of Bwell Healing Center dispensaries, Carmen Serrano. She also plays a leadership role in NextGen Pharma, a cannabis cultivation and manufacturing company in the island and is an active member of the Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Association (PMCA). Carmen has a systems

information and technology background with more than 20 years of experience. Her interest in the cannabis industry began by analyzing the current market’s systems and technologies available for cannabis compliance for which the government was auctioning at the time. “During this time the interested of developing a business in cultivation, manufacturing and dispensing increased, rather than the systems, which we understood the market had covered with the current systems in production”, said Carmen. They filed and received the 1st cultivation license in Puerto Rico. Two and half years later “we have cultivation, manufacturing, products outside and the contact with the patient and were seeing the results of patients who are feeling better and found an alternative” stated the CEO of BWell Healing Center.

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By Robert Prentice

Your Cannabis Concierge

The cannabis industry in Puerto Rico is in full force. 6 months after 2 devastating hurricanes the industry continues moving forward with more dispensaries, events, classes and programs to join in the industry. With more than 20,000 registered medical licences, the island is now posed to provide its services to the visiting tourist in need of medical relief.

At the helm of this movement is BWell Healing Center dispensaries with a new facility strategically placed in the heart of the capital and tourism mecca of the island in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.