CANNAConsumer Magazine 2nd Quarter 2018 | Page 181

Travel & Tourism 181

420 Friendly World Travel

Bud is the alter ego of a very successful 30-year business owner who has not come out of the green closet due to the negative stigma still attached to this Sacred Plant.

Traveling to do business in Colorado became a real pleasure that got me back to the state ten times in the first year. I fell in love with the concept of staying in the homes of people who are 420 friendly. Naturally, we have a kindred cannabis connection.

With the money I saved staying in the homes of some really good and friendly people over the cost of several $125.00 plus hotel room rates, I was able to purchase some really fine bud, edibles, and vape pens that “touched me to the core” on my journey to open and implement the territory expansion strategies of my business.

I believe I have executed my business travels in a very creative cost effective manner. I am thinking it is time to expand my business into Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and maybe even Alaska, as I journey through the next few years of my life.

So what are you waiting for? I have a ton of stories to tell on my cannabis journey. If you are interested see the ad on page 177 on how you can benefit from cannabis “420 friendly” travel.