Another season is drawing to a close . It has truly been a whirlwind of a year . Closures , restrictions , reopening and closing again but the CPA has perservered and survived another unusual year .
We are closing out the year with three of our premier national and international shows , November may be one of the busiest months this year .
The Natural Canada , The Toronto Pro Qualifier , the Toronto Pro Supershow and the Van Pro / Am will be closing out an incredibly challenging year . Let ’ s not forget about the regional shows though . All across Canada promoters have given their all to host these shows , the challenges have not deterred them and they have gone above and beyond for our competitors .
John Douglas Editor & Writer
We can rejoice in the fact that we , the CPA have some the best and most innovative promoters and most resilient competitors in the fitness industry . The calibre of athletes thus far has been nothing shy of outstanding despite the obstacles each has to overcome and the next two months will undoubtedly bring more .
As with every season ending we reflect on the good , imagine constructive changes and plan for the future and this season will be no different . Plans are already being made for next year , some dates have been announced and more will be put in place and announced shortly . Watch for them in the January issue of your newsletter . Until next season , thank you all for your continued support of this newsletter and the Canadian Physique Alliance .


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