ing my personal training course to help set forth some much needed knowledge I needed . Nutrition , I read more books and functionality of the main food groups . I read countless studies . I began applying them to daily life .
Right Smack in the middle of my weight loss I began experiencing neurological issues with my vision , and right side of body function . After many scans and tests they were all leaning towards MS ( Multiple Sclerosis ). Fast forward to 2014 / 2015 , I was 140lbs healthiest I have been in years . Yet I was getting sicker . I lost function of my legs unexpectedly ; I was then admitted to the hospital waiting for transport to a larger facility , hopefully for answers . I started physiotherapy and was told I had a low chance of walking ever again . That day they were wrong , I pushed and pushed . I promised I would never neglect my body again . I prayed for that second chance . I prayed to get home with my son .
February 2016 , I returned home reunited with my son , struggling to regain some form of the new life that was before me . Doctors prescribed more meds that I just couldn ’ t afford , nor did I want to take . It was after many break downs a prayer came true , a man from Alberta wanted to do a study on me . He was becoming a Naturopathic doctor . I agreed , and started right away . This man has given me back my life in more ways than any words could describe .
March 2016 , a sweet kind man offered to plow my driveway and followed with asking me out for coffee .
That man turned out to be my best friend , my husband . February 2018 we married .
December 2018 I confirmed within myself I was ready to prepare for the stage . Little did I know how much the structure would change my life forever .
February 2019 , I had a follow up with my neurologist . His words were “ whatever you are doing , keep doing it ”. You ’ re in remission . I cried , so hard . I hugged him . Now we know that word is used loosely because “ MS ‘’ doesn ’ t disappear scientifically . But he followed with continued scans , and if you ever need me I ’ m a call away . But I hope I don ’ t ever have to hear from you I responded , tears streaming with “ I ’ ll take it ”.
Health and fitness , and training have given me life back . I am now my healthiest version , for me , and my family . I hope I get to live a long and healthy life .
Besides being with my family , the gym is my happy place . I love nothing more than motivating and helping others .
Lisa Taylor , the mom and wife who will knock down all statistics .