by John Douglas
I thought for this article it might be fun to look back on the contests that are new to Canada and the CPA . The Natural Canada IFBB Pro League Pro Qualifier , The Ben Weider Pro Show and Pro Qualifier .
The 2018 Natural Canada Pro Qualifier was a tremendous success and far surpassed any expectations the CPA or promoter Rudy Jambrosic may have had . Over 500 registtrations in 55 classes , quite the show . 12 Pro Cards were issued with one disqualification after testing . An amazing turnout for the first offering of a show of this magnitude .
2019 welcomed two natural Pro Qualifiers , the Natural Canada Pro Qualifier and the inaugural Ben Weider Natural Pro Qualifier and Pro Show . Let ’ s discuss the Natural Canada first . Once again this show exceeded all expectations . Over 400 registrations in 54 classes , 13 Pro Cards awarded and one disqualification after testing .
At this point there is no real question that the natural stream here , in Canada , is alive and well and we have not even discussed the upcoming international event .
The 2019 Ben Weider was a spectacle before we even started . Hosted in the same venue that Ben Weider held his first shows in Canada , The Monument National . This was a an international event and drew a wide array of competitors . 142 registrations in 45 classes and 8 Pro Cards awarded . The 2019 Ben Weider Pro was a resounding success , attracting more than 50 Pros from around the world to compete in 7 divisions .
2020 , with all the chaos surrounding Covid , led to the cancellation of both the Canadian Natural and Ben Weider Pro Qualifiers but both are back in November 2021 and promise to be just as successful and extraordinary .
Watch both shows to see some of Canada ’ s best and some of the best in the world compete on a NATURAL stage . With most of the restrictions being lifted here in Canada and the US you will have two options , live and Pay Per View .