we ’ re thinking about is how tired we are ? I have gone through the most intense training for weeks on end with sleep deprivation , PT upon wake without food and no none of us got sharper we just ground it out because of the discipline . But it was only for three months but that cannot be sustained season after season after season , nor does it produce better speed , strength or muscle . So no matter how strong your discipline is , rest ensures discipline can be effectively applied .
The nutritional side of this is so equally and incredibly important also .
As I mentioned before about metabolic triggers , lack of sleep will inhibit so many critical factors such as glucose metabolism , which fuels the brain and the body for mental and physical performance . In the absence of glucose or glycogen fat is being used as the # 1 fuel source . It will interrupt good insulin sensitivity , increase our fasting blood sugars and apply more demand on the pancreas to compensate . This promotes hunger , sugar cravings and fat storage , stunts protein synthesis , getting our amino acids linked up 3 x 3 over the cell membrane to get in there and heal muscles and our bodies ’ ability to tap into storage fat as a source available energy .
There is a cascading effect of issues leading from this . Increased blood pressure , stress to the kidneys etc . I could go on . But I ’ ll leave it as our body suffers terrible damage .
Circling back ,. This means stored fat is held onto . We do not burn it because it ensures the bodies ’ biological imperative which is survival and literally crushes Immune function . We stopped producing the amount of lymphocytes we need , our T and B cells “ fighter killer cells ” that protect us from viruses , heal wounds , recover muscles and avoid infection .
I ’ m asked all the time what supplements are …, what protein powder is …, what vitamins are …, what ancillary components for anabolism and lipolysisare …, healing and on and on … when the most important is the simplest , sleep . So let ’ s each one of us focus on how to get in 24 hours deep sleep with 50 % of it coming from our REM 25 % and our SWS the other 25 % and the other 50 % can be rest time light sleep . Consider those naps and downtime . Prioritize , plan , coordinate the way we do with meals and training , our sleep . Personally I ’ ve suffered from poor sleep for many years , just couldn ’ t shut my brain off and I ’ ve worked with many who have come from the same , with their own origins of issue . There are a multitude of things that we can do encourage falling asleep faster , sleeping deeper , and getting quality rest . The tactics I have implemented myself have changed my sleep patterns 100 %.
Ok my friends , I have an assignment for you all . We need 9 hours 15 minutes in our 24 hour period . So let ’ s all try that for the next 2 weeks , even a week shows incredible positive return . The simplicity of this foundational part of our programs is so beautiful . It just takes consistency , and yes discipline . DM or email me if you have any questions about natural effective non-habit forming methods to get that rest . Let ’ s not wait till we are dead ;)