I ’ ll Rest When I ’ m …

by Jed Wightman
We ’ ve all heard the phrase or even maybe used it once or twice ourselves . “ I ’ ll rest when I ’ m dead ”. A very bold and determinant statement in which we tell ourselves and others , “ I work so hard and have so much to do , I don ’ t have time to properly rest ”. Unbeknownst to most of us this phrase might be a little darker and more accurate then we give credit to .
You see , something that poses one of the greatest risks to our performance , recovery , CNS , PNS and health of our mind body and organs is , simply not enough restful sleep and down time . I believe our mental health , along with organ and body is priority . Longevity in our sport and in our lifestyle is crucial , let alone wanting to look good , be strong to live long healthy and capable lives .
So what does this all mean ? Sleep ! Yes simple sleep is the answer . Why is this so important ?
Here is a good example to give us an idea .
Take the top 5 finishers in the highest level of men ’ s 100 m sprint , they are separated by . 56 hundredths of one second . This is such a small margin , like a competitor in stage shredded but holding a film of water . So the highest level of physical athleticism , pushing bodies to the most intense physique effort ( like we do in the gym everyday , to produce the most elite result ), and the thing that allows this to be reality is the rest we have as a foundation of the above scenarios . The sprinters rest gets compromised and reflects on slower recovery , healing and explosive power of the start . The stage athletes film of water from staying up all night , not going into the necessary REM of 25 % ( rapid eye movement ) and SWS of 25 % ( slow wave movement ) of our sleep time results in inflammation fluid retention and smoothing out . health , performance lifting and allowing what we eat to actually do the job necessary , is all deeply connected to our sleep .
As a company we have over 30 years combined experience . From organic biochemistry , working with the constructs of our human cellular biology , the basic functions of life , to all forms of cell functions and how this effects our brains and bodies to promote the most powerful results in health and performance to kinesiology , the science of movement and biomechanics and form function and the logistics of exercise and its effects on the human body . Coupled with exercise physiology , involving specific changes in muscular , cardiovascular and neurohormonal systems and allows us to increase functional capacity in strength and performance within all applications of endurance training and strength training . Advantage Fitness Ltd is comprised of athletes , mentors , guides , teachers and caregivers . We have chosen to devote our lives to the betterment of all humans that we work with , to encourage growth development and success in all areas our clients would like to achieve . We are here to lead our clients by being a living example and resource to achieving their best .
We can see how “ time ”, the compartments of time we sleep and rest , and the time we train is of utmost importance , absolutely crucial . Mental acuity , mood , strength , focus cognition , CNS ( central nervous system ), heart and lungs , our PNS ( peripheral nervous system ), our skeletal muscles , life ,