By Brooke Clarke
It ’ s okay to let your six-pack become a four-pack when bulking . But it ’ s not okay to let all of your abs disappear under layers of fat . While it ’ s almost impossible to add muscle mass and maintain a very low level of body fat , there is no reason to sacrifice all of your muscle definition in the off season .
If you are gaining too much fat , limit cheat meals to two per week . The rest of your meals should be clean , whole foods . Drop your carbohydrates by about twenty percent and increase your protein intake by twenty percent . Make sure your breakfast and post-workout meals are your biggest carb meals and space your cheat meals about three to four days apart .
Cardio is another great addition in the off season to decrease inflammation and improve recovery . This kind of activity promotes blood flow , brings oxygen to your muscles and flushes out any toxins . We recommend keeping cardio in your routine three to four days a week during your bulking season . Twenty to twenty five minutes is perfect . Just enough to keep your cuts without inhibiting your gains !
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