Y FOR BODYBUILDERS ? by Lesley Timbol stories , and communicate their needs .

Of course , counselling is an option , especially for bodybuilders experiencing severe mental health issues .
For other bodybuilders battling the mental and emotional demands in sport , a sport psychologist or mental game coach can be a tremendous resource .
A sport psychologist or mental game coach can help you learn and develop practical mental skills empowering you to control your athletic life . These mental skills can be applied to life outside of bodybuilding as well . In other words , learning mental skills are life skills .
When you develop sound mental skills , you will have the tools needed to resolve current challenges and proactively counter future obstacles in bodybuilding and life .
Mental skills lessen the stress of competing , but they can also alleviate stress in life outside of bodybuilding .
For example , learning a relaxation strategy can help a bodybuilder focus during competition . The same method can help alleviate test anxiety or improve sleep .
Learning emotional management can help a bodybuilder let go of past events . The same “ letting go ” strategy can help minimize negative feelings about others .
Communicating effectively with your coach can help you effectively express your feelings instead of ignoring your needs or burying your feelings .
Managing the high expectations you feel from coaches can help you overcome a “ people-pleasing ” mentality and focus on you and your goals .
Dealing with the fear of failure can help you remain focussed in the moment and improve your quality of life in bodybuilding and life .
Several additional mental and life skills ( managing time , building healthy relationships , dealing with worry , overcoming perfectionism , dealing with disappointment ) are skills you can start developing today .
Developing your mental / life skills is essential to successfully navigate your world , maximize potential , and minimize stress .
Dealing with mental health should always be an important goal for bodybuilders who are under greater stress from competition and feel stress from being in the public eye .
If you ’ re open to making your mental health a priority , please contact me at ( 416 ) 805-6155 or email me at lesley @ timbol . ca so I can help you learn mental skills that will empower you to regain control of not just your bodybuilding side of life but your personal life as well .