CANADIAN PHYSIQUE ALLIANCE November/December 2020 | Page 34







Wow how time flies ! Here we are the holiday season nearly upon us . Thanksgiving a few days away as I write this , American
Thanksgiving next month then it is the Christmas season and New Year ’ s . All of these amazing united events for us to get together and enjoy time with our loved ones friends and family . With that , I know what you all are thinking , comes food . Well that ’ s what this piece is about , holiday food and how we can use these fun and festive events , dinners and meals , all of it to our best and most effective advantage and benefit . First of all let me say how wonderful it is that all of us reading this and writing this get to experience those times . How we should never feel negatively imposed upon by these times no matter at what point it is in our season . In season , off-season , pre-contest or post contest . We should always keep a positive mindset and invite these times with excitement and positive anticipation . For all the competitive athletes out there , I remember when I was competing , how daunting it seemed when I was in prep and something like Thanksgiving or Christmas or a holiday event where there was one of those dinners and all of that food available , was an issue not a blessing .
Not only was it daunting but there was a pressure because I felt like I needed to partake with everyone in what they were eating or I would be rude or worse left out . Well if anyone feels like that let ’ s break this down and get some peace of mind and find some freedom in all of this . If you are in prep and it ’ s a Sunday or Monday ( whatever day ) dinner well simply bring your food . If there ’ s a certain nutrition program that can be worked into a holiday dinner because there is meat and veggies available or there is a clean carbohydrate source being prepared find out and work it into your plan . If there is not , again just bring your food do not opt out . Please by no means avoid such times , just come prepared . It ’ s these times , these moments with friends , family and loved ones that we should not ever miss . It ’ s about the time together , be not repelled by something as simple as food . If it is your family preparing it request that there be some food appropriated to meet your plan . Or help with the preparation of this wonderful family meal and include what you need in the preparation . IMPROVISE ADAPT OVERCOME . Don ’ t retreat , don ’ t give in or give up just make it happen , cover your needs and enjoy with everybody . That food can not only be enjoyed but help with prep and those gains ! Perhaps you ’ re able to have one of these meals