Canadian Musician - November/December 2021 - Page 68

KRK KNS 6402 & 8402 Studio Headphones
Vic Firth Mike Johnston Custom Collaboration American Classic NE-1 Sticks
Spector Euro RST Series Basses


KRK KNS 8402

KRK KNS 6402 & 8402 Studio Headphones

KRK has released the KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 studio headphones . Building on its KNS 6400 and 8400 headphone models , KRK says it ’ s improved the durability and comfort of its headphone offerings with these updated models .
Designed to deliver an accurate listening experience in a highperformance package , the KNS 8402 is ideal for professional studio applications , while the KNS 6402 best fits the traditional at-home producer ’ s style . With a closed-back circumaural design , both headphones offer a comfortable listening experience to support music producers through long studio sessions . Also , the headband features a self-aligning yoke system to ensure the best fit . Constructed with impact-resistant plastic material , KNS headphones are lightweight and durable , and with field-replaceable parts , including the pads and cable , they are designed to last .
The KNS 6402 model features acoustic cellular foam pads and provides up to 26dBA of isolation with a 122dB maximum SPL rating and a frequency response of 10Hz — 22kHz . The KNS 8402 headphones feature memory foam pads with premium leatherette covers , offering comfort for many hours . The KNS 8402 headphones provide up to 30dBA of isolation to block out more external noise and feature a slightly higher SPL with a 124dB maximum SPL rating and a frequency response of 5Hz — 23kHz . They also feature a cable with in-line volume control .
For more information , contact Yorkville Sound : 905-837-8777 , canada @ yorkville . com , www . yorkville . com .

Vic Firth Mike Johnston Custom Collaboration American Classic NE-1 Sticks

Vic Firth has released the Mike Johnston Custom Collaboration American Classic NE-1 sticks .
Mike Johnston has been a world-renowned online educator since 2014 . He partnered with Vic Firth to design a pair of sticks optimized with a longer taper for balance , a modified barrel tip for response , and a diameter between a 5A and 5B for comfort . Crafted with U . S . hickory wood , the American Classic NE-1 offers a stronger and easier-to-play composition . To design the new sticks , Johnston says he tried every combination of tip shape , taper , length , diameter , and material to test overall performance and create a stick that makes it easier to learn on and progress as a drummer .
For more information , contact Coast Music : 514-457-2555 , info @ coastmusic . com , www . coastmusiconline . com .

Spector Euro RST Series Basses

Spector Musical Instruments has introduced the Euro RST (“ roasted ”) series basses . The latest additions to the Euro series , these four- and five-string models bring Spector ’ s classic design into a new era with updated tone woods , enhanced electronics , and a fresh palette of exclusive stain options .
Neck-through construction has long been central to the Spector design , and the 24-fret Euro RST enhanced this concept with a three-piece roasted maple neck and fingerboard with mother-of-pearl inlays , which give this design a distinct look while also offering better stability and rigidity . This tempered tone wood is paired with a uniquely-figured flame maple top and empress wood back , for a visual presence , resonance , and lightweight , balanced performance .
For electronics , the Euro RST models feature Aguilar Super Double pickups and OBP-2 preamps for an added mid-range focus . These are the first Euro models to feature Super Double pickups . These hum-cancelling pickups feature two rows of Alnico V magnets to provide a dynamic , growly tone . When paired with the OBP-2 , players can cut and boost frequencies to sculpt their ideal tone .
For more information , contact Korg USA : 866-444-9201 , sales @ korgusa . com , www . korgusa . com .