Canadian Musician - November/December 2021 - Page 67

JBL Eon One MK2 Battery-Powered Column PA
Solid State Logic Fusion Vintage Drive & Fusion Stereo Plug-Ins

JBL Eon One MK2 Battery-Powered Column PA

JBL Professional has introduced the Eon One MK2 battery-powered column PA . It packs a five-channel digital mixer , comprehensive Lexicon and dbx DSP , Bluetooth 5.0 functions , and full app control into a rechargeable battery system that weighs 42.5 lbs .
The company says it designed the new speaker system as an ideal and affordable solution for a wide range of users , from buskers seeking pro-grade sound without AC power , to educators and hospitality providers who want fast setup and ease of use , to houses of worship and rental companies who need portable solutions for indoor and outdoor applications .
The Eon One MK2 leverages JBL ’ s EON-family acoustic technologies to deliver higher output , greater clarity , and deeper coverage . Its geometrically-optimized , C-shaped array of eight 2-in . tweeters works in combination with a 10-in . woofer to deliver smooth , even response down to 37Hz . This C-shaped array provides wide horizontal dispersion and deep vertical throw . Driving Eon One MK2 ’ s acoustics is a 1,500W ( peak ) amplifier that ensures clean , distortion-free sound at any volume level , according to the company . Variable Power Performance technology automatically optimizes performance for either AC or battery power , providing 4dB of extra headroom when connected to AC power .
For more information , contact HPC : 800-268-8147 , info @ hpc . jamindustries . com , hpc . jamindustries . com .

Solid State Logic Fusion Vintage Drive & Fusion Stereo Plug-Ins

Solid State Logic has announced a dual plug-in release featuring the SSL Fusion Vintage Drive and the SSL Fusion Stereo Image . Both plug-ins , available independently or as part of SSL ’ s complete subscription pack , are modeled on the Fusion analog hardware processor . They will be joined in the coming months by additional Fusion processing options ; Violet EQ , HF Compressor , and Transformer .
The Fusion Vintage Drive plug-in is modeled on the Vintage Drive section of the SSL Fusion , bringing its unique , non-linear saturation circuit characteristics directly to the DAW . The Density and Drive controls on the plug-in interact to produce harmonics , soft clipping , and natural compression , reminiscent of pushing an analog console into its tonal “ sweet spot .”
The SSL Fusion Stereo Image plug-in , also modeled on the SSL Fusion hardware unit with reference to the original analog circuit designs . Width and Space controls allow users to access a digital version of the Fusion ’ s mid-side circuit directly in the DAW for detailed spatial manipulation of the stereo field .
For more information , contact SLL : 212-315-1111 , nysales @ solidstatelogic . com , www . solidstatelogic . com .