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The Music Business Education Route
careers progressing , maybe there ’ s a part of them that will come with that openness . I think they can really also be inspired and open up to a whole world of opportunities that perhaps they haven ’ t really considered . We can give them that exposure .
CM : What advice would you give to people who are applying to Humber Music , or those who have already been accepted and are preparing to start their studies ?
Grant : Wow , that ’ s a good one . For everybody , I will say this , and if my students hear me say this , they ’ ll kind of roll their eyes because this comes out of my mouth a lot ; But it ’ s not about the what , it ’ s about the how . So , it ’ s about the energy , what you ’ re putting into things , and how you ’ re approaching things . I think if you can bring your focus to a few things and learn to do a few things really well , I think that ’ s the advice I ’ d offer everyone . I always tell my students , I know a lot of things not very well , so when I teach , I ’ m very specific . It doesn ’ t matter what you know , but try to really put your full attention and energy into learning that .

The Music Business Education Route

Durham College ( Oshawa , ON )
Kathryn Waugh : Professor & Program Coordinator , Music Business Management
CM : Can you tell me what the general approach to teaching looks like in Durham College ’ s music business program ?
Kathryn Waugh : I will say that faculty is very hands-on and our content is very hands-on and experiential . As much as it ’ s a business program , there ’ s a lot of hands-on work . But even outside of academics , our approach to teaching is very much about the student and about the community , inside and outside of the classroom . We have a bit of a reputation for the MBM family , so that ’ s important to us .
CM : With more business-based programming , who would you recommend your program to and what would you say to encourage them to apply ?
Waugh : Anyone who is interested in the music industry on either side of the table . Obviously , we have people who are interested in the business side across the board , like labels , publishers , promotion , event planning , marketing , management , all of that stuff . We also have quite a few students who are interested in the writing and performing side of the industry as well , acknowledging that it ’ s important to have an understanding of the business side of the industry , just as your own musician-entrepreneur , if you will .
CM : What are some of the things you see alumni pursue and achieve after graduating ?
Waugh : Again , everything in the industry . We have people who end up working at major labels , indie labels , major publishers , indie publishers , large and small promoters , booking agents , performers , songwriters . Any job you can name in the industry , our students are prepared for . Starting out , they