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A Good Music Video Doesn ’ t Need to Cost a Fortune


Paul Reed Smith Studio guitar ,



Solid State Logic ’ s UF8 DAW controller , and Campfire Audio ’ s Honeydew & Satsuma IEMs
Terri Winston & others on getting more young women into recording careers , pg . 44


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Danko Jones
Canada ’ s Power Trio Knows Who They Are – And So Should You
By Andrew Leyenhorst


Unwavering and uncompromising in their commitment to the rock and roll spirit , Danko Jones is a band that has created an identity that is uniquely their own in the Canadian and international hard rock scenes ; and that has remained the case for over two decades . Power Trio , the group ’ s tenth studio effort , serves as both a commemoration of their unwavering spirit , on top of being an authoritative declaration that they ’ re going to keep doing what they ’ ve been doing since the beginning ; but these days , they ’ re more fired up than ever .
A New Vision for SOCAN
Why Its New CEO Jennifer Brown


Brings a Unique Perspective to Canada ’ s PRO
By Michael Raine
Jennifer Brown , the first woman to lead SOCAN , knows what it ’ s like to make a living on royalties , having grown up in a family of acclaimed songwriters . She talks to Canadian Musician about the unique personal perspective she brings to her role , her journey in the music industry , and how her vision for the company differs from her predecessor ’ s .
Massey Hall in the 1970s
An Exclusive Excerpt from the New Book About Canada ’ s Most Revered Concert Hall
By David McPherson


Music journalist David McPherson shares an exclusive excerpt from his new book , Massey Hall , which focuses on the concert hall in the 1970s and the era-defining shows that took place by the likes of Stompin ’ Tom Connors , Anne Murray , The Band , and the infamous “ Restless Underwear ” show .
Getting More Women into the Studio
How to Get Beyond the Stats & Empty Rhetoric to Create Real Change
By Selina Setrakian
Women populate an unreasonably small part of the music industry ’ s technical side and with each study done on the matter , the only thing that ’ s grown is the massive number of articles with nearly identical headlines proclaiming , “ Less than 5 % of music producers and engineers are women .” Simply put , even though we continue to address this percentage time and time again , things have yet to significantly change for female-identifying producers , engineers , and mixers . But why is that ? To better understand what changes are needed , we must ask ourselves a few questions ; the first being , who do these stats really reflect ?
Exploring Your Music Education Options
CM ’ s 2021 Focus on Music Education
By Manus Hopkins



Canada offers an awful lot of places to get a postsecondary education in the music field . With the music industry rapidly changing , it ’ s important for those thinking about pursuing music academically or as a career to consider what it is they might want to do in the industry , be it performance , education , recording , engineering , or any number of other facets . We take a look at five different types of institutions in Canada to help you figure out which educational route makes sense , from university degrees to a specialized music management and production institutes .