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IFPI Offers Snapshot of World ’ s Music Listening Preferences
The IFPI , the global collective representing the interests of the recorded music industry , has released a new report entitled Engaging with Music 2021 , which explores the ways that people listen to , discover , and engage with music around the world . Based on research across 21 leading music markets , including Canada , the report is a global snapshot of music engagement in 2021 .
The report indicates that time spent listening to music is up globally . Fans are enjoying more music today than ever before , on average spending 18.4 hours a week listening to music ( up from 18 hours in 2019 ). The most popular genres worldwide are : 1 ) pop , 2 ) rock , 3 ) ‘ 90s , 4 ) ‘ 80s , 5 ) soundtracks , 6 ) hip-hop / rap / trap , 7 ) R & B , 8 ) dance / electronic / house , 9 ) ‘ 70s , and 10 ) soul / blues .
Engagement with streaming – particularly subscription audio streaming – continues to grow . Time spent listening to music through subscription audio streaming grew 51 %, as fans continue to embrace streaming for the access and control it provides . The main reasons fans gave for their engagement with streaming were being able to choose their favourite songs , artists , and their own playlists — 68 % searched for specific songs and 62 % listened to playlists they created more than once a week .
Interestingly , 68 % of the time spent on short-form video apps like TikTok involved music-dependent videos such as lip syncing and dance challenges . Furthermore , 29 % said they had watched a music livestream , such as a concert , in the last 12 months .
The vast majority of those surveyed , 87 %, said that music provided enjoyment and happiness during the pandemic . This includes 68 % of 16-19-year-olds , who said new releases from their favourite artists helped them during the pandemic .
The report also said that the availability of unlicensed music remains an issue for the music ecosystem and the threat continues to evolve . Almost one in three ( 29 %) of people had used illegal or unlicensed methods to listen to or download music , and 14.4 % had used unlicensed social media platforms for music purposes .
To read the full report , go to www . ifpi . org .
Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative Seeks Recommendations for Canadian Therapists
Behind the Scenes ( BTS ), which provides financial assistance and mental health support to North American entertainment technology professionals , is seeking recommendations for Canadian therapists who have experience working with people in the industry .
“ One of the most frequent challenges we hear from entertainment industry professionals is how difficult it is to find a therapist who knows anything about the unique stresses , working conditions , and resulting lifestyle of the industry ,” the non-profit says . “ In response , we created the Entertainment Industry Therapist Finder ( EITF ), which only includes therapists who either have personal experience in our industry or have previously seen clients who work in the industry .”
With the recent move of the EITF to its new home with GoodTherapy . org , it is now able to accept Canadian therapists into the finder . This means BTS needs assistance from those who have seen a therapist they thought understood their business and was helpful . By getting recommendations directly from the Canadian entertainment industry , BTS says it can ensure people won ’ t have to spend their time educating a therapist about what they do for a living .
The contact information , including name and email , for any recommended therapists can be sent to mh @ btshelp . org . BTS will reach out to them to let them know how they can sign up . Therapists will complete an extensive questionnaire that includes their areas of specialty , types of services offered , whether they have weekend and evening office hours or will conduct phone or video sessions , and much more . This will allow those seeking counseling to find the best possible matches for their needs .
For more information , go to www . btshelp . org / mentalhealth .