Canadian Musician - May/June 2023 | Page 74


ThatTrack is here , with AI-powered search functionality specifically catered towards content creators , searching for the perfect track for content just got a whole lot easier . The demand to pair music for video content – and internet videos becoming more wide ranging in their diversity than ever – it ’ s a challenge to find the perfect track to complement a creator ’ s style of video . ThatTrack has arrived to support the creator through it all and is intentionally designed that way .
Some of the built-in features stand out and support the creator directly . ThatTrack ’ s AI-powered search tool , with its nuanced tags and metadata , helps the creator find the best fitting song or background track for a video and one-click search categorizes different playlists that match exact content genres ( examples include a wide variety of genres from unboxing videos to vlogs ). www . thattrack . com
Elk has launched a native app version of Elk LIVE for the Mac OS desktop . Elk LIVE connects musicians online for live , real-time jamming over the Internet with low latency , and requires nothing more than a standard audio interface and an internet connection . With Elk LIVE , musicians can come together in its online virtual studio for real-time remote jamming , rehearsing , and collaborating ideas for songwriting - in perfect sync and with high fidelity , studio-quality audio as if they were in the same room .
The new Elk LIVE native app for Mac OS is also ideal for delivering live online music lessons ; now that Elk LIVE is available as a software-only download , students can easily download the software and connect with their teachers online for a low-latency , real-time lesson . The Company will offer Elk LIVE for Mac OS for free during an initial launch period , after which a freemium model will be adopted . Details of the new pricing models will be announced at that time . www . elk . live
Tracklib is the world ’ s first and only digital service for clearing samples , finally solving a huge problem in the music industry and leveling the playing field by making sample clearance accessible and affordable . Their catalog consists of over 100k all-original recordings from over 400 record labels and publishers around the world . The catalog includes everything from Isaac Hayes to Mozart and Jazz artist Bob James , whose music has been sampled in 1000s of songs . Samples from Tracklib have been used in major songs from artists like J . Cole , Phantogram , Mary J . Blige , Lil ’ Wayne , DJ Khaled and BROCKHAMPTON .
Tracklib ’ s 2022 State of Sampling report shows that the line between sampling and remixing is blurring . AI music apps provide creators the tools and tech to sync to their music library to create mixes and mashups quickly and easily . David Guetta ’ s “ I ’ m Good ( Blue )” is close to being a remake of Eiffel 65 ’ s bop from the late nineties and serves as a solid example . Remixes aren ’ t going away anytime soon . The tools to create these nostalgia-fueled songs will continue to improve . Creators must have a clear understanding of how to license and clear tracks for remixing . www . tracklib . com
Moises . ai is the complementary AI app for musicians , with technology designed to support artists and producers throughout their creative process . Moises . ai ’ s technology works alongside users to remove or isolate vocals and instruments in any song , transcribe lyrics , adjust the speed of a song or change the pitch , detect keys or chords , and enable metronome counts . Artists can separate vocals , drums , bass , and other instruments from any song and play along with their favorite artists .
Founded by Geraldo Ramos , Eddie Hsu , and Jardson Almeida , three music loving tech innovators from Northeastern Brazil , Moises researches how music and AI can play together and how AI can best serve music makers of all levels . With a wide range of carefully crafted , ethically trained features , Moises strives to empower creative potential and democratize advanced music tools previously only available to audio professionals . It has become a go-to part of many musicians ’ learning , composing , and mixing process . moises . ai