Canadian Musician - May/June 2023 | Page 56

CM : What is one instrument or piece of gear you ’ d next like to acquire ?
Cook : It ’ s not a specific thing , it ’ s a dream thing . One of the issues I have is that I play with my fingers . Especially when I ’ m off the road , I mostly only play with my fingers because I love the sound of my fingers , I love the fact that you can do so much more with the fingers . It ’ s like having five picks instead of one on your right hand . You can do amazing arpeggio things that you could never do with a pick , and you can do them fast and clean . the issue I have with a pick is that I can get that sort of blinding lead speed , for that one part of the show where you just want to knock people ’ s socks off . It ’ s nice to have that with the pick , but then when I play with a pick , it doesn ’ t have the tone of my fingernails or my fingers . I ’ m trying to find a pick out there that can make my guitar sound like fingers doing a rest stroke ; that ’ s my dream . I don ’ t know what it is and if you ever come across something , please write about it or tell them to send me a message on the internet .


Solo artist and TikToker
CM : Walk me through your current live rig and tell me how your live and studio setups differ .
Wav : I don ’ t play live too often . So , the majority is just kind of like grab and go , whatever ’ s available , whatever is convenient for whatever time I ’ m recording it , and I live in an apartment . My main amplifier is a Fender Tone Master . And I don ’ t really record using mics or anything because it ’ s a digital setup , and it has a line out . And that goes to a mixing board . I know , I really need to get some kind of interface at some point . But the mixing board works in terms of getting a stereo setup . I can run different pedals in different configurations to get whatever sound I need ; that gets sent to a mono signal into my computer . And usually when I can post and whatnot , I sync it up after , so I record nice audio with the video . So , my current rig is any kind of strat-style guitar , mainly super strats . I have my Charvel , I have my Steve Lukather Music Man , and recently I ’ ve been playing Strandberg and whatnot . But any guitar that has a rounded off heel joint , and a thin enough neck is good . For me that ’ s kind of my go-to setup . Something that ’ s versatile , something that has lots of different pickup options . And anything with a thin enough