Canadian Musician - May/June 2023 | Page 50

For our 2023 Guitar Special , we decided to take a look at some Canadian guitarists who are using TikTok to push their music and other guitar-related content to the world . We ended up with a group of guitarists sporting a mixed bag of styles and approaches , but all these creative players are finding ways to expand and reach their audiences in a newer way that ’ s quickly becoming essential for everyone in any creative field . Here , we have Jesse Cook , Justus Hajas , Jordan . wav , Harm & Ease ’ s Danny Lopez , and The Wandering Off ’ s Kyle Corner chatting gear , practice , training , and more .
These interviews have been edited for length and clarity .


From Juno-nominated rock group Harm & Ease
CM : Walk me through your current live rig and tell me how your live and studio setups differ .
Lopez : Currently , my live rig consists of a Gretsch Electromatic , an Epiphone Les Paul , a Backlund Eastwood guitar and a Fender Bass Breaker amp . I also use a Boss TU-3 tuner pedal , a Doubleland Special Way Huge Overdrive pedal , a Mini POG Octave Pedal and a MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe delay pedal . In the studio , I tend to use a wider range of gear depending on the song and the desired sound . I love producing songs and I will always search for what ’ s best for that song , so I might use different guitars , amps , and effects pedals , and I might also experiment with different mic placements or other recording techniques .
CM : How did you get interested in the guitar and what was your learning style and training ?
Lopez : I first got interested in the guitar when I was around 10 years old . My older brother introduced me to rock music , and I was drawn to the sound of the guitar . I started taking lessons from a friend from school and learning songs by ear . As I progressed ,