Canadian Musician - May-June 2022 - Page 74


Marmoset has launched Track Club , a music licensing subscription app for the creator economy . Created for content creators who are producing high-volume video , audio , and streaming content , but with limited access to quality music to use in their projects , Track Club ’ s creators say it ’ s the first music licensing app to provide 100 % customizable songs . Creators can use Track Club ’ s in-app music customization feature , MixLab , to customize the stems of any Track Club song by muting or soloing instruments and adjusting volume levels . Users can also download their custom mix for use in their video , audio , or streaming content . Track Club says it prides itself on competitive royalty payouts for artists , making it the ideal choice for conscious creators looking for transparency and tangible impact in a music partner . www . trackclub . com .
IK Multimedia has launched UNO Sounds , a one-stop hub for exploring and downloading over 600 new sounds specially curated for the UNO Synth Pro , UNO Synth , and UNO Drum . For the synths , uses will find sound presets from respected artists , DJs , and designers , and for UNO Drum , more vintage kits from well-known brands . All UNO Sounds are free to registered users . They just need to run the IK Product Manager to update the UNO firmware and find the specific editor for their UNO device . UNO Sounds can then be added to their own sound collection . IK Multimedia will be regularly expanding the range of UNO Sounds as more presets are released . www . ikmultimedia . com / unosounds .
Tracklib is a subscription-based service for licensing music for samples . With a three-tier subscription plan offering five , 15 , and 35 track downloads per month , Tracklib describes itself as a “ crate digging and sampling service where every single song can be licensed for release within minutes .” Offering producers and music-makers a broad catalog of original high-quality recordings , it makes sampling faster , easier , legal , and affordable , so that the finished songs can be released and sold without any copyright or royalty headaches . www . tracklib . com .
Yousician is a music lessons app designed to make learning to play an instrument easier and more fun , from beginners to seasoned players . Follow lesson plans created by real music teachers , learn quickly with interactive tutorials , and stay motivated with goals and progress tracking . The technology listens to the student play and gives instant feedback on accuracy and timing . The average session length is 17 minutes , with 1,800 songs to learn , and more than 9,000 lessons to choose from for guitar , bass , piano , ukulele , and vocal . www . yousician . com .