Canadian Musician - May-June 2022 | Page 66

Air Music Hype Synthesizer Plug-In
Gator Frameworks Utility Cart
Peavey Electronics LN1063 Column Array


Air Music Hype Synthesizer Plug-In

Included in its line of seven new virtual instruments is Air Music ’ s Hype , a hybrid synthesizer plug-in instrument with features that extend beyond its preset library .
The macro-based synth combines wavetable , FM , virtual analog , and multi-sample synth engines , making it possible to create anything from hard plucks to melodic leads within this single interface . AIR Hype also features over 1,500 presets , categorized with the ease of the user in mind . Included with the plug-in purchase is AIR ’ s Desktop Player application .
Along with Hype , Air Music ’ s line of seven new virtual instruments also contains the Bassline , a monophonic vintage synthesizer ; Electric , a collection of electric piano sounds ; Mellotron , a recreation of the old-school tape sample keyboard machine ; Odyssey by Way- OutWare , a spin on the original ARP Odyssey ; the Solina , based on the classic six-timbre polyphonic keyboard instrument and Tube- Sytnh , which recreates vintage anolog sounds from the ‘ 70s and ‘ 80s .
For more information , contact Plugivery : press @ plugivery . com , www . plugivery . com .

Gator Frameworks Utility Cart

Gator Frameworks has unveiled complementary accessories to its Utility Cart . The new accessories , a utility cart accessory bag and lower deck flat surface , are geared towards traveling musicians and DJs , and allow for more customized ways to transport gear .
The accessory bag slips onto the Utility Cart , creating the ability to hold multiple accessories in one place . The bag has seven pockets for holding anything from cables and lenses to effects pedals and tools . The accessory bag also includes a removable cinch strap and an additional lower rear pocket for attaching a camera tripod , backdrop stand , mic stand , or speaker stand .
The lower deck attaches directly to the cart bed frame . It contains a carpeted surface that helps prevent slipping while protecting gear from dings and scratches .
For more information , contact Erikson Audio : 514-457-2555 , info @ eriksonaudio . com , www . eriksonaudio . com .

Peavey Electronics LN1063 Column Array

Peavey Electronics has introduced the LN1063 Column Array , a compact portable PA unit designed to be easily carried and transported .
The LN1063 utilizes 500W of potential maximum power , housing six 2.75-in . custom drivers for the mid-high column and a custom 8-in . driver for the subwoofer .
An onboard six-channel mixer features two combi inputs , each with the option of selecting a guitar input . Two additional media channels have stereo 1 / 4-in . inputs , and streaming audio Bluetooth within . The system also features a 3.5-mm input to hook up a music player or phone , and a mix out for additional units . The LN1063 delivers 120 dB maximum SPL and frequency response ranging from 55 Hz to 18 kHz .
For more information , contact Peavey Electronics : 601-483-5365 , directsales @ peavey . com , www . peavey . com .